Pegasus Equine Ltd


Being with Horses

Training and Instruction in Natural Horsemanship

Building a genuine relationship between horse and human

Trust, understanding and seeing every horse as the unique individual it is, form the centre of our work.

By developing an awareness of the horses – each as an individual personality, we are able to design particular and balanced exercises in joyful and harmonious cooperation, together with the horses themselves, as a team. We refine our sensibility to meet the horse at its current stage of development and to enlarge and improve its ability to move and express itself.

This is a process which helps us to be present in the moment, to Be Here Now. It deepens our awareness of others as well as of ourselves and shows us the importance of being open, happy to learn, willing to question and change ourselves. We become more and more conscious of the character-building value that being with horses can have for us and how a mutual growth dynamic takes place.

With this approach we are constantly invited to deepen attitudes of care, patience, respect, consideration, fairness, acceptance and love.

In this way we establish a natural hierarchy, where dominance through competence is achieved so both horse and human can enjoy clarity of communication.

Natural Horsemanship complements all equestrian disciplines.

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